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Our specialists have several tools and methods at their disposal to identify a moisture problem. The first step is to inspect the foundation, perform a humidity test in the basement and conduct a camera inspection of the French drain. Once the situation has been determined, an appropriate and well-executed solution will ensure that the problem is resolved.

By calling on the GoDrain team, you’ll get full support and enjoy an all inclusive experience. Do you want a safe home and clean air for your family? Do you want peace of mind at last? Very often it’s what you don’t see that makes all the difference!

Whether the necessary work involves the French drain, the foundation or any other related element, GoDrain is there for you. Every step of the way, our team of professionals uses the highest quality materials, ensuring the best possible result. Let us help you to regain the full and fair value of your investment.


The inspection service consists of preparing a comprehensive report of all relevant items that are directly related to water infiltration or to a damp basement. The following items are inspected for a complete and informed diagnosis of the condition of your foundation as well as the drainage and water evacuation system:
• Visual inspection, exterior and interior, of foundations
• Check for the presence of cracks
• Check for negative land slopes (towards the house)
• Check window openings and, if necessary, wells
• Check for the presence of efflorescence indoors
• Check for the presence of mould and fungus on porous materials
• Basement moisture percentage test
• Camera inspection of the French drain

The camera inspection of the French drain tells us if the drain is broken or punctured, whether or not the joints are watertight, or if there are any roots, sagging of the drain and the possibility of ferrous ochre. It also extends to its sump pump basin (the evacuation system, submersible pump and piping).

All these points, plus other inspected details related to the infiltration problem  are included in the inspection report, after which one or more solutions will be proposed.

Mini Excavation

The mini-excavation service is offered for crack repairs or the complete replacement of the French drain only. The machinery size is chosen based on the available access to the perimeter of the house. We use quality equipment with skilled and meticulous operators. Our team will take care of everything related to the transport of the ¾-inch clear stone to cover the French drain and the removal of excess soil on the work site. Following excavation, a temporary fence is installed around the perimeter of the house for the safety of both occupants and workers. In addition, one or two accesses to the house (access ramp) will be installed. To complete this step, the foundation walls will be cleaned with a high-performance pressure washer and then dried.

Crack Repair

When cracks are detected, we will intervene with our crack repair service.

Cracks often appear in new constructions as a result of shrinkage of clay soil, or because of poor-quality concrete, or a weakness near an opening, a door or window lintel . Water can be absorbed in foundation walls because of poor waterproofing or porous concrete. Water can also accumulate behind the foundation wall due to a defective or missing French drain, or poor compaction of backfill materials, pyrite, etc., all of which can also create cracks.

If not addressed, i.e. sealed, these cracks can further damage your foundation and interior materials by allowing water infiltration to accumulate. Moreover, freezing and thawing will not improve the cause, and the cracks may increase in width and seriously deteriorate the foundation.

GoDrain may suggest that you repair the cracks by injecting polyurethane. This product, once injected, swells and fills the void in the crack and retains flexibility. This method seals water leaks caused by cracked foundations. In addition, a waterproofing membrane and a drainage panel (which reduces water pressure on the foundation wall and directs water to the French drain) will be applied for ultimate waterproofing protection.


The waterproofing service is a step to take into consideration. Our rather unique process consists of spraying a layer of AirMetic Soya® urethane of approximately ½ inch on the surface of the concrete, cement block or stone foundation walls. It is used as an underlay on foundation walls. Exceptionally
adherent, it evens and softens imperfections (unevenness due to certain types of foundation wall formwork). Furthermore, it is made with soybean oil and recycled plastic products.

Then, a VOC-free Maxguard sprayed polyurea membrane of more or less 1/8 inch is applied. The polyurea membrane is a flexible waterproofing protection process that can expand up to 700%. This superior technology is the most technologically advanced of all coating systems.

The final touch consists of applying a drainage panel that provides additional protection to the polyurea membrane. This heterogeneous drainage system consists of a crush-resistant embossed panel and a geotextile membrane. The panel reduces hydrostatic pressure and helps direct water to the French drain through its multiple cells. (See foundation wall section in the introduction.) It
improves the drainage of runoff along the foundation to the French drain.

This combination of materials provides increased protection by reducing humidity and protecting against water infiltration in the basement.

French Drain

The French drain, installed at the base of the foundation footing, is used to evacuate water that has accumulated around the building to prevent potential infiltration into the basement. (See the wall section in the introduction.)
The choice of drain and the installation service offered by GoDrain are highly ranked in our industry. We use BNQ (Bureau de normalisation du Québec) 4-inch rigid drains.

This type of drain is more rigid than any other French drain and its maintenance is easy especially in the presence of ferrous ochre deposits, which can sometimes cause problems in the drainage system .

To complete the installation, in the presence of window wells, we install a drainage pipe in the centre that extends to the ¾-inch clear stone that covers the French drain as well as 6 access and cleaning chimneys – a very important feature, especially if there is a risk of clogging, and it facilitates access if it needs to be inspected.

Sump Pump Basin

The sump pump basin installation service is offered following the installation of a French drain (if none is present). It is also available if replacement is required due to improper installation or sealing problems. The basin collects the water captured by the French drain and evacuates it according to the infrastructure and municipal standards. Installation standards may differ from city to city, so GoDrain makes sure to follow the standards of each municipality. Most of the time, two types of connections can be made:
The gravity connection does not require a submersible pump. The water is discharged through a connection to a pipe connected to the storm sewer (or, in some cases, to the sanitary sewer, if the first option is not possible). In both cases, the connection must be equipped with a non-return valve and the pipe must be lower than the French drain.

The non-gravity connection requires a submersible pump, and the water is evacuated by a pump connected to a pipe that rises above street level. The pipe must be equipped with a non-return valve, and the water is conveyed through a pipe directed toward the street ditch. In case the pipe freezes during the winter period , the water is then drained through a pipe that evacuates the water from the foundation wall to a higher level than the ground.

Window Well

The window well installation service can be an interesting option if your window is too close to the ground. An accumulation of water can eventually find its way inside and cause significant damage, whether through flooding or increased humidity in the basement. In such cases, the GoDrain team will determine the dimensions (height, width and depth) of the window well needed to protect your window from water infiltration and follow the standards and specifications if a basement window is also to be used as an emergency exit. The installation is done following good trade practices: sufficient clearance under the window, appropriate dimensions for emergency exits and a drainage pipe in the center of the window, equipped with a screen and able to direct water to the top of the ¾-inch clear stone covering the French drain.

Corrugated window wells made of galvanized steel are the standard models we install. Other types of prefabricated concrete can be installed (on special order). Prefabricated concrete window wells are both aesthetic and durable.

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